Community Sport: Reafrio supports project developed by Unimed SC


One of Reafrio's values ​​is social responsibility through humanitarian actions. This company's commitment to people's development and concern for the future is what leads Reafrio to support and lead various initiatives, both in its internal environment, with its employees, and abroad, with actions aimed at the community.


Among them is Community Sports, a social project of Unimed Santa Catarina, developed in Maravilha five years ago, through a partnership with Reafrio and the João XXIII School of Basic Education. Within the project, 40 students, aged between 7 and 13, divided into four classes, have weekly tennis lessons at Reafrio's headquarters.


According to the professor responsible, Douglas Lago, tennis is not very widespread in the region, but it is through him that some children have gained a taste for the sport and, especially, the sport. The goal of the project, according to him, is to contribute to the development of children's citizenship through sports, as well as promoting health and well-being.

“I try to work with the children in the best way so that they can respect their peers, as well as giving parents a report card and holding meetings so they can keep up with the progress of the activities,” emphasizes Lago.


Classes are given in a simple and relaxed way, through individual, collective and specific dynamic games, using racket and balls of different types, respecting the individuality and progression of the students.


According to the teacher, in addition to students participating in the sport for free, they get uniform and snack in all training. Also, in case of health problems, Unimed is able, through the project, to refer for medical care.

The project at Unimed

The Community Sports Project has continued for many years as an important initiative in the sports field. This project is carried out in several Unimed of the State, including with other sports practices, such as futsal, surfing, and judo.


Unimed chose the type of indoor tennis because it is underdeveloped in the region, allowing students to try a different sport.


Implemented in mid-2005, the purpose of the project is to make tennis practice available to public school students, fulfilling an important social role. Around 120 students, aged between six and 12 years old, are served annually, distributed in two classes of São Miguel do Oeste and two in the city of Maravilha.


According to the manager of Unimed Far West Catarinense, Patricia Leidens, the project has already left great talents, who even started to play professionally. Other students also decided to pursue sports-related professions such as Physical Education.