Reafrio conducts technical training in Pernambuco


The city of Caetés, in the Pernambuco Agreste, hosted commercial technical training, promoted by Reafrio, on August 31st. The training was attended by technicians and dealers of the Reafrio equipment of that region, among them, salesmen who received the Top 10 and Golden Key awards.

On the occasion, the milking technician Jakson Marsal Kovaleski and the regional sales manager José Flávio Araújo Cardoso explained about the daily life of the commercial sector, project planning, and management, as well as presenting information about the milking routine and milk quality.

“I would like to thank Reafrio for the training. We talked about sales, products and the latest Pulse Line milking system. We expect these moments to continue so that each day we can align more and more with the company ”, says the representative Gilberto Paixão Filho, from Recife / PE.