“I'm from milk” : In a new campaign, Reafrio rescues the pride of being part of the milk market.


Intending to connect those who are part of the milk market, generating a sense of pride and belonging, inspiring new producers and motivating current producers, Reafrio launches the “I am from milk” campaign.

Reinforcing all the values ??adopted by the company, including commitment, transparency and constant investment in technology, the new campaign will guide Reafrio's performance in the 2021-2023 biennium, rescuing the pride of belonging to a prosperous market such as the dairy sector.

“This new campaign will be the face of Reafrio for the next two years. We have always been very proud to be part of the milk market and now, more than ever, we are going to raise the flag of the dairy sector, so that everyone also feels this strength and the pride of being in the milk sector. I'm sure the campaign will be a success”, highlights the president of Reafrio, Eduardo Miguel Simon.

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“I carry in my story the strength of being from milk. I am part of a global reference market, gigantic and committed, which connects to show that milk is wealth and generates value and development wherever it goes. That's why I'm proud to say: I AM FROM MILK!”

Label shows Reafrio's mascot

Reafrio's mascot comes more modern in this campaign, humanizing and bringing joy and relaxation to the label while transmitting all the security, tranquility, and confidence that the farmer has when purchasing the company's solutions.

With a gold border, the logo reflects the richness that milk provides to everyone involved in this activity, in addition to representing a robust and reliable company. The splash and the word milk go beyond the golden base to convey the idea that milk is everywhere and nothing limits the growth of this market, which makes everyone who participates proudly.

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A 100% national industry, Reafrio is headquartered in Maravilha/SC and is a leader in manufacturing milking machines, coolers tanks, and other solutions for the milk producer. Its equipment, developed with high technology, is sold throughout Latin America and some countries in Africa, Central America, and North America.