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Closed Horizontal Cooling Tank

Tank for horizontal milk treatment closed by direct expansion (hf)

Developed with high technology, the milking systems, coolers, and Reafrio equipment meet the real need of the milk producer, ensuring practicality, comfort to the animals, best cost-benefit, and profitability.

Upper Clean Reafrio Cleaning System

The Upper Clean Reafrio cleaning system, with high precision peristaltic metering pumps, gives reliability in the dosage of the cleaning product, resulting in economy and confidence in the cleaning result. The system is equipped with a high efficiency centrifugal pump and low power consumption. Automatic water level system, which guarantees the amount required for highly efficient cleaning and minimum water consumption.

ISO 9001:2015

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, Reafrio's management and manufacturing processes are in line with international quality and productivity standards, ensuring customer reliability and safety when purchasing our products and services.

5 years warranty

5 year warranty for stainless steel components. All other items have a 1 year warranty.


  • Ergonomic, non-slip stainless steel ladder with a platform for easy access
  • to the inspection lid;
  • The choke system protected against possible mixing of water in the milk and filtering screen in the pump suction;
  • 2" SMS output stop valve in stainless steel;
  • High flow water inlet and drain valves, optimizing washing time;
  • Agitation system consisting of one or two geared motors*;
  • A washable breather creates a barrier against external impurities and drains condensed water;
  • The measurement of the amount (liters) of milk is carried out with a millimeter ruler through the conversion table, approved by INMETRO;
  • Electric command panel by NR10 safety standards;
  • Sensor controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which guarantees safety and peace of mind in temperature control;
  • The safe electrical system protects against power outages or phase failure;
  • Radial paddles are designed for perfect milk homogenization;
  • The cooling system according to ISO 5708;
  • Expansion chamber: Cooled by direct expansion through chambers manufactured in an automated process, ensuring uniform cooling;
  • Thermal insulation in high-density expanded polyurethane that offers efficient thermal insulation and consequent reduction in electricity consumption;
  • Selectable cleaning steps: alkaline and acid detergent, alkaline, acid, and sanitizer or sanitizer.

Power Supply System

Single-phase 220Vac
Three-phase 220Vac
Three-phase 380Vac


2,000 Liters
3,000 Liters
4,000 Liters
6,000 Liters
8,000 Liters
10,000 Liters
12,000 Liters
15,000 Liters
20,000 Liters