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Pulse Line Smart Cleaner


ISO 9001:2015

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, Reafrio's management and manufacturing processes are in line with international quality and productivity standards, ensuring customer reliability and safety when purchasing our products and services.


  • Through high-precision peristaltic pumps and industrial-grade Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the programmer is able to carry out all sequential cleaning processes independently, without the need for manual commands.
  • In case of power failure, the programmer restarts at the stage of the cleaning process that was interrupted;
  • Programmer compatible with all brands and models of Piped Milking Machine;
  • Sensor that monitors the maximum temperature of the water, and air injector.


Wash function: Run the cleaning program (rinse with warm water, wash
with alkaline detergent, rinse with warm water, wash with acidic detergent
and finish with a cold-water rinse).

Milking function: Activates the milking control panel.

Time scheduler function: Adjusts the times of the sanitization steps (performs a wash with sanitizer without rinsing).

Automatic drain: Completely drains the water from the system.

Technical information

Components that come with

1 - Return set (with brackets)
1 - Drain valve
1 - Disposal valve (with adapter)
1 - Hose support (chemicals)
1 - Level sensor tube
1 - Solenoid valve assembly (cold/hot)
1 - Control panel *

Installation components - cold / hot water

2 - TEE 25mm - PVC
2 - 25mm weldable union - PVC
2 - Adapter 25mm x 3/4 ”- PVC
3 - Knee 25mm 90º - PVC
1 - Weldable register 25mm - PVC
2 - 22mm TEE - CPVC
2 - Weldable union 22mm - CPVC
4 - Adapter 22mm x 3/4 ”Male - CPVC
3 - Knee 22mm 90º - CPVC
1 - 3/4 "metallic sphere registration

* except hot and cold water piping.

Air injector plate
Temperature control board

* Pulse Line cleaning programmer requires a control panel and must be dimensioned according to the installation.

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