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Pulse Line Smart Cleaner


ISO 9001:2015

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, Reafrio's management and manufacturing processes are in line with international quality and productivity standards, ensuring customer reliability and safety when purchasing our products and services.


The programmer automatically cleans and sanitizes the milking machine.

Through high-precision peristaltic pumps and industrial-grade PLC, the programmer is able to perform all sequential cleaning processes independently, without the need for manual commands.

In the event of a power failure, the programmer resumes at the stage of the cleaning process that was interrupted.

The programmer is compatible with all makes and models of piped milkers.


Wash function: Executes the cleaning program (rinses warm water, rinses with alkaline detergent, rinses with warm water, rinses with acid detergent, and finishes with rinsing cold water).

Milking function: Activates the milking control panel.

Time scheduler function: Adjusts the times of the sanitization steps (performs a wash with sanitizer without rinsing).

Automatic drain: Completely depletes the system water.

Technical information

Components that come with

1 - Return set (with brackets)
1 - Drain valve
1 - Disposal valve (with adapter)
1 - Hose support (chemicals)
1 - Level sensor tube
1 - Solenoid valve assembly (cold/hot)
1 - Control panel *

Installation components - cold / hot water

2 - TEE 25mm - PVC
2 - 25mm weldable union - PVC
2 - Adapter 25mm x 3/4 ”- PVC
3 - Knee 25mm 90º - PVC
1 - Weldable register 25mm - PVC
2 - 22mm TEE - CPVC
2 - Weldable union 22mm - CPVC
4 - Adapter 22mm x 3/4 ”Male - CPVC
3 - Knee 22mm 90º - CPVC
1 - 3/4 "metallic sphere registration

* except hot and cold water piping.

Air injector plate
Temperature control board

* Pulse Line cleaning programmer requires a control panel and must be dimensioned according to the installation.

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