Solutions for the milk market

Reafrio is a 100% Brazilian company, with headquarters in Maravilha, Santa Catarina. Currently, it has a large structure, with more than 10,000 m², and manufactures, with high technology and the most cost-effective, milk coolers (in cylindrical, semi-horizontal and closed models), milking machines (standing bucket, piped, mechanical and computerized), among other solutions for the dairy farmer. Market leader, Reafrio constantly invests in improving its staff, infrastructure, and new technologies.

Our commitment to people, transparency and honesty in our business relationships have generated the trust of our customers and the safety of business partners along our path. Reafrio believes in the future and today is present in all regions of the country, and also markets our equipment throughout South America, Central and African countries.


Solutions for the milk market


Develop, manufacture and market solutions that provide quality of life and profitability to the milk market, respecting the planet and its individuals through compliance with environmental, social and labor standards and laws throughout the market in which we operate.


To be a world reference in products and services for the milk market, aiming at the total satisfaction of our customers, employees and stakeholders.


Transparency in relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and business partners

Total trust in our products, services and people.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

Recognition and appreciation of people

Honesty to honor commitments

‍ Social and environmental responsibility through humanitarian and sustainability actions

Quality Policy

“Providing quality products and services, committing to stakeholder satisfaction, meeting applicable requirements and continually improving our processes and quality management system.”

Quality Objectives

Increase the satisfaction of our customers; Reduce losses with non-quality; Increase quality indices in delivery; Increase the satisfaction of our employees.

I'm from Milk!

I carry in my history the strength of being of milk. I am part of a world reference market, giant and committed, which connects to show that milk is wealth and generates value and development wherever it goes. That is why I am proud to say: I'm From Milk!

20 years!

We grow and consolidate by investing in high technology and offering quality at the most cost-effective. We are a leader in solutions for the milk market and we are always looking to the future. Our commitment is to move responsibly, ensuring the profitability and sustainability of all the families who are with us, side by side, making history.

ISO 9001 Certification

With ISO 9001: 2015 certification, Reafrio's management, and manufacturing processes are in line with international quality and productivity standards, ensuring customer reliability and safety when purchasing our products and services.

I trust!

I trust! Not only for the added high technology but the professionalism of our team, always concerned with the satisfaction and safety of the producer. Having Reafrio equipment means having the highest quality confidence in milk, thus generating more return and healthier life. Reafrio, I trust!

More milk!

Naturally, we always want more. We do more with more. Investing in the source of income is essential for a significant increase in production. With Reafrio technology, you work less and plan more. Your production becomes more competitive, more efficiently and faster. This optimizes your daily life and puts you ahead of time with a better quality of life. We are with you, small, medium or large farmer, to expand milk production. More technology, higher yield. This is MORE MILK.


More than concentrated forces (SYNERGY), it takes organization and FOCUS to achieve the goals. In addition to commitment, we enhance everything we do. Modernization through new equipment, development of new products and new markets has multiplied the number of employees, adding value and new advantages to the services provided.

It's guaranteed return

If you want peace of mind, get Reafrio products. They are efficient equipment that allows total control of production. Investment in cutting-edge technology exceeds expectations and yield. Reafrio offers practicality, simplicity, and warranty. This means agility and high-profit margin. Designing the future makes a difference. This is a priority.

10 years

In 2010, Reafrio celebrated 10 years of dedication to the dairy sector. Like every large company, it was born for its customers, but mainly to contribute to the good of a community. In these 10 years, the history of Reafrio merges with the life and history of employees, suppliers, and customers. The past has been enriching, the present is work, and the future will be a glorious track record.

A much more complete life

With a broad market vision, Reafrio has been gaining more and more space and respect in the demanding dairy sector. Closely follows new technologies and industry trends to offer innovative solutions, streamlining milk milking, storage, and transport processes, aiming at your satisfaction for a much more complete life.

Drink milk!

Reafrio, through the manufacture of equipment for the dairy sector, encourages the consumption of dairy drinks and other dairy products, which are indispensable nutrients for the life and proper functioning of the human body. Reafrio stimulates the growth of the market so that milk is present in every home, providing health and well-being to people.