Women have a special schedule due to pink October


The Pink October campaign turns its eyes to care in preventing diseases such as breast and cervical cancer. At Reafrio, besides this approach, the collaborators had a moment to reflect on themes that are part of the female universe, from the lecture “Pleasure, I'm a woman!”, Given by the psychologist Geisa Tibulo. The meeting took place on Friday morning, the 25th, in the company's auditorium.

During her presentation, Geisa talked about self-esteem, body changes, sexuality and the dictatorship of beauty, focusing on the valorization of women and femininity. “The feminine is in the subtlety of gestures, in the boldness of doing, loving, being what one believes to be, freeing us from the dictatorship of beauty imposed by the media, stopping pursuing a fanciful ideal and believing that true beauty is being a woman, mother, wife, girlfriend, and loving herself without victimizing and expecting recognition, ”said the psychologist.

According to her, women are already born with the differential of caring, protecting and creating, demonstrating these qualities at home, with children, career, and relationships. “Femininity is present in every act and intention of the woman, what we need is to see more, to recognize and value. Feeling beautiful goes far beyond the body itself. It concerns the feeling of making all of this a reality for you, your family and society, ”he says.

Reafrio's collection advisor, Neiva Cansi Machado, emphasizes: “The lecture provided a moment to reflect on our daily attitudes that will influence our future, highlighting the importance of taking care of our physical and mental health, to enjoy the days with more quality".