Vitória Farm - Pulse Line Model Reafrio

Compost Barn: Animal comfort and productivity gain.

A covered space for resting dairy cattle, which allows for greater comfort, welfare and animal health. Such is the Compost Barn containment system, which emerged in the United States in the 1980s and arrived a few years ago in Brazil. With ventilation system and sawdust covered floor.

Initially, this practice was applied only on large farms. Gradually, small producers have adopted the system and obtained good results. By being in line with current market requirements, Compost Barn ensures the physical integrity of the herd, reduces the risk of contamination by manure or microorganism and consequently improves milk quality and increases productivity.

Main benefits of the containment system:

- Greater comfort for the herd;

- Better hygiene conditions on site;

- Decreased risk of ceiling contamination;

- Reduction of odor and incidence of insects;

- Gain in milk productivity and quality;

- Suitable place for resting animals;

- Dry and ventilated space all year round;

Always focused on offering the best solutions to the market, Reafrio implemented a Compost Barn in partnership with Fazenda Vitória, located in Bom Jesus do Oeste / SC.

“We have a real research center on the farm, with tests of new technologies and also an extension of our engineering area, where training and technical visits take place. In this space, we invest and apply the best equipment and services we have ”, explains Reafrio president Eduardo Miguel Simon.

Today the farm is equipped with a modern closed-circuit automatic milking and milk cooler tank system. “Before being introduced to the market, Reafrio equipment is for a long period on-farm testing, ensuring that our customers will receive products that meet their real needs,” says Simon.

Partnership that worked

The work on the farm is performed by the owners Vanderlei Vitória, his wife Marize and their children Jian and Giovane. The partnership with Reafrio began in 2012 when the family invested in the purchase of a 2,500-liter milk cooler tank and a four-set piped milking machine.

“With this business came not only a business relationship but a partnership that is the result of much knowledge exchange, through national and international visitors and testing of new equipment,” says the president of Reafrio.

Fazenda Vitória is currently equipped with the following Reafrio products:

- A 4,400 liter closed horizontal milk cooler tank with automatic washing and cooling units that use the R404a green gas;

- Solar water heating system, consisting of two boilers, totaling 600 liters of water used for the hygiene of the entire milking system;

- Pulse Line Reafrio cooler and milking machine, of eight sets, with electronic measuring system, automatic extraction, and automated washing and cleaning system.